The Community Food Security Project of Post Oil Solutions recently, initiated the Windham Area Food System Collaborative. This initiative, known as The Collaborative,  grew out of the CFSP’s 2009 Rapid Community Food Assessment and a subsequent community food security forum, which engaged a variety of key stakeholders in a day-long facilitated discussion. The Collaborative’s mission is to promote a sustainable regional food system that promotes access to healthy food for all.

At the January 2010 meeting it was decided that the purpose of this group, would be to collect and share baseline data on the different stages and components of our community food system. By conducting a baseline survey of Windham County’s food system, the goal is to identify existing gaps, which will underscore the need for specific projects, partnerships and ideally future policy advocacy. The Collaborative is committed to educating the general public about food system issues and bringing these issues to the forefront of community dialogue and decision-making.